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Selecting a set

It is possible to select one or multiple sets of standard IEC values. Higher IEC sets usually include the values from smaller IEC sets, i.e. IEC E12 includes IEC E6. However, this is not always the case and therefore more than one IEC set may be selected. The sets are consolidated to one table before the search starts, so that each value occurs only once.

From version 1.0 onward, ParSer supports private sets of components. Private sets are useful if one happens to have an incomplete set of components. Private sets are stored in text files, which can be adapted by any text editor. Multiple such lists are possible, because the available set of SMD 1206 components may differ from the radial ones.

Generating a set

The easiest way to generate a private set, is to start from one or multiple IEC sets and export it. Just select the IEC set(s) and push the Export button. Specify the name of a file, to which the list shall be exported.

Any file extension is possible, but if you select .csv, .ini or .txt, the file will be shown in the import dialog described below. The generated file is a text file, which can be modified with any text editor. Remove the values, which are not available and add any values, which are available but not a member of the previously selected IEC set. When finished, the list can be imported by selecting a private list and pushing the Import button.

Importing a set

Note that the Export Button is renamed to Import and the IEC sets are greyed out when selecting Private instead of IEC. Also note that a previously defined list is automatically loaded when Private is selected. Therefore it is not necessary to import a file manually every time when selecting a private list.

ParSer stores the filename of the last used resistor set and capacitor set separately. Make sure not to mix up both files.

If the private list was not found or no private list was ever specified, the following message is displayed at the bottom of the window:

If the private list was successfully loaded, the number of elements and the filename is displayed:

ParSer remembers the last list of resistors and capacitors and tries to load that list automatically next time.

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